This Months Cleaning Tip

   Cleaning your PC?

Take a cotton swab and dip it in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) , sqeeze out the swab so it doesn't drip into your keyboard. This is VERY IMPORTANT, if you let a drop of any liquid substance drip into your keyboard, your keyboard will not work properly anymore. Same for your mouse. 

Lightly wipe the keyboard, mouse and monitor casing with the dampened swab to remove any dust, dried on food particles or sticky substances left over from any decals that may have been attached to your computer.

To clean the computer screen use a little glass cleaner sprayed onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe softly in a circular motion.

Note: computers that are stored on bedroom floors will soon fill up with dust, this may burn out your hard drive. Store them in computer desks, off the floor and away from dust bunnies and other pests roaming around down there.

Cleaning your oven?

The oven must be sprayed with oven cleaner the night before to be effectively cleaned.

Make sure all sides are sprayed, the bottom is sprayed, and most important: spray the top inside of the oven. The top inside of the oven is often neglected when sprayed, please ensure this is sprayed properly to get the hard to clean upper reaches of the oven cleaned. Leave overnight.

The grills can be taken out of the oven and slipped into a large plastic garbage bag, spray down both sides of the grills with oven cleaner in the bag, close with a twist tie and leave overnight.

The next day, a damp sponge is effective in mopping up the oven cleaner and grease, keep rinsing the sponge in a bucket of warm water with a little dish soap. The grills can be rinsed off in the bathtub or the backyard preferably, if you have one.

Scouring pads, ie. S.O.S. pads can then be used to clean the hard baked on areas where a lot of greasy drippings collect.

Cleaning your oven is very messy. Make sure you line your floor liberally with newspapers as the drippings will seep out of the oven door and run down the outside of the oven. Wear heavy duty rubber gloves and even a face mask covering your nose and mouth as the fumes will be strong.

If you would like us to clean your regular oven we will eyeball the damage, use a fast acting oven spray and get to work. Even the most dirty ovens should be able to be cleaned effectively this way.

If you have a self-cleaning oven , simply open the oven door and read the instructions. It will ask you to heat the oven to a certain temperature, for a certain time, let it cool, then wipe off the ash easily with a damp sponge. Keep rinsing the sponge in a bucket of warm water and a bit of dish soap. We can supply this service.

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