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With us all spending more time at home now in the current climate, people are having more time on their hands so are spending it making their homes more comfortable and clutter-free. Most are spending their time sorting wardrobes and cupboards out, now is a good time to get that dry cleaning done that you have been putting off for ages!

Most things we can just throw in our washing machines but we all have certain special items that are dry clean only, usually a good suit or a posh dress that just gets left in the back of wardrobe unloved, gathering dust and smelling musty!

So why not have a good sort out and give those extra special outfits a bit of love, once the Covid-19 pandemic is over (hopefully as lockdown restrictions are slowly being erased, the end is in sight!) I am sure we will all be making an effort to go out a bit more once we are allowed after staying in for so long! So, get those special outfits ready, clean, and waiting for when we can go out to pubs and restaurants again!

Dry Cleaning

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning can remove stains that hand washing or a washing machine would probably not be able to shift. Delicate fibres such wool and silk can be cleaned gently and effectively through dry cleaning. When using a washing machine, the fibres will be penetrated by the water, dry cleaning is a more gentle process and only cleans the surface of your fabrics, keeping them looking as good as new and not damaging them in the process.

Our Services

Here at The Crease Line, we take care with your special items, we provide a drop-off and collection dry cleaning service.

We can offer a dry-cleaning service for the following items and more such as:

  • Suits
  • Evening Gowns
  • Curtains
  • Various items of clothing
  • Duvets/Blankets
  • Leather and suede items

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Call us today on 0121 314 8828 or drop in with your items and we will be only too happy to help with all your dry-cleaning needs.

So, if you want to find out more about Our Services, get in touch today!

The Creaseline, 150 Highfield Road Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 0HT

The Creaseline, 150 Highfield Road
Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 0HT

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