Ironing Collection and Delivery

The Crease Line does your ironing so you don’t have to! We free up your Sundays, allowing you to relax by picking up and dropping off your ironing with our ironing collection and delivery service. Whatever your ironing needs, our ironing service is here to help. Do you have a pile of clothes that have become overwhelming to tackle, but you are too busy to iron or do you just need a day to yourself without having to worry about what you will wear tomorrow? Give us a call and our trained staff will collect your ironing from your doorstep and deliver it as well, making your life easier.


Ironing collection and delivery service:


  1. Do I need to pick up and drop off my clothes to your ironing location?


The answer to this simple. No. Here at The Crease Line, our aim is to make your life easier. We offer an ironing collection and an ironing delivery service meaning you don’t even have to leave your home to make sure all your clothes are ironed to perfection.


  1. How does your service work?


Our service is simple and easy to navigate. Simply call our office and talk to our professional friendly staff about your needs. They will arrange an ironing collection time that suits you and your schedule. Our highly trained staff will then iron your clothes using the best equipment there is or by hand depending on the requirements of your clothes. Once this is done our staff will arrange an ironing delivery time that is suitable to you.


  1. How much does it cost to get my clothes ironed?


We offer highly competitive rates for all your ironing needs. Our pricing is detailed in our price-list, which you can refer to when making your order.


  1. What kind of items can you iron?


Anything. We can iron absolutely anything. From shirts to bed sheets are ironing collection and delivery service insures that any item of clothing or household items that you require ironing is done to optimum standards allowing you and your family to look neat and clean.


  1. What are the benefits of using your service?


Using our service not only allows you to save time that could be used elsewhere, but also electricity allowing you to help the environment. We work around your schedule and lifestyle providing an ironing collection and delivery service meaning you don’t even have to step out of your front door. The bottom line is we make your life easier.


Contact us today to fulfill at your ironing needs!


Do you need your clothes ironed? Contact us today on 0121 314 8828 to see how our ironing collection and ironing delivery services can help you. Our friendly office staff will talk you through the process and get your ironing collection and delivery time slot is booked in. Do not hesitate to get in touch today!




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