Are you looking for a cleaner to make it easier to manage household chores?

If so, the team at The Crease Line could be the answer to your prayers!

We offer a friendly and professional service across the West Midlands, offering affordable, trusted and professional cleaners.

Whether you are in need of a regular clean of your home to maintain it or need a blitz that requires a more detailed clean, you won’t be disappointed with a Crease Line cleaner.

Cleaners employed by The Crease Line are fully briefed and trained on the job at hand with all the necessary checks and understanding of the right products to use for the job.

As we are a family run business, The Crease Line pride themselves in knowing their team of cleaners well and knowing they feel part of The Crease Line team. This brings about care and consideration for our customers and each other and a consistent level of cleaning.

Clean Kitchen

Cleaning at The Crease Line

We are proud to say we have a low staff turn-over as our cleaners feel happy and content in their roles and understand how much we appreciate the hard work they do.

Employing a cleaner from The Crease Line will mean that those household chores that you may avoid or skim over will get attended to in great detail and with care.

We believe that hiring a cleaner via a business such as ourselves means you can be assured the reputation is established and trusted. You also won't be let down, if one of the cleaners that have been appointed to you is unexpectedly ill or unable to attend your property, we will make arrangements for another member of our team to be there.

You may or may not be aware that by using The Crease Line you are using a company that has professional cleaning insurance to cover for any accidents or damages caused by one of our cleaners.

For more information on our cleaning services, you can contact us using the form below or call us on 0121 314 8828.