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Let The Crease Line give you peace of mind; our dental practice cleaning service can include routine cleaning audits to make sure the agreed-upon protocol is being followed.

Dental Surgery Cleaning with The Crease Line

We offer many
Dental Surgery Cleaning Services

Allow us to handle all of your dentist office cleaning requirements, and we'll always maintain the highest level. You can focus on providing excellent patient care knowing that your cleaning is in qualified hands thanks to a committed and trained crew.

Dental Practice Cleaning Service

Beginning on April 1, 2011, dental offices in England will be subject to continual compliance monitoring by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Cleaning and infection control at the dental office are part of the compliance monitoring procedure. Let The Crease Line help you remain compliant.

Dental & Healthcare Cleaning The Crease Line
Healthcare Cleaning with The Crease Line

Dental Surgery Cleaning

Any healthcare setting must be spotless in order to assist in infection prevention and control and foster patient confidence. Since the National standards for cleanliness in the NHS were published in 2001, there have been cleaning standards in place for the healthcare industry. In order to enhance cleanliness standards to an acceptable level across the NHS, this guidance was created after consulting with experts and professionals in the disciplines of cleaning and infection control.

The Crease Line is fully compliant with all NHS cleaning standards; get in touch today for Dental Surgery Cleaning.

Dental Surgery & Healthcare Cleaning

The quality of the care environment is significantly improved by the cleaning crew.

In order to identify and then carry out a healthcare cleaning regime focussed on the "National Specifications for Cleanliness in the NHS Primary Care Medical and Dental Premises," The Crease Line works in conjunction with you. The regimen will cover all crucial components and places in your practise, assisting you in preventing cross-contamination and infection management.

Dental Surgery Cleaning with The Crease Line

So, for all of your Dental Surgery Cleaning needs, get in touch today!

The Crease Line, 150 Highfield Road Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 0HT

The Crease Line, 150 Highfield Road
Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 0HT

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