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Household clutter can be a problem, the old saying goes a cluttered house means a cluttered mind! Of course, this is not always the case but doesn’t everything just feel so much better when it is in order.

We know clutter can affect our anxiety levels, ability to focus, and to get a good night’s sleep. It can be hard to find what you are looking for if everywhere is messy, and it will be difficult to live in an orderly and efficient manner. Looking for things that we struggle to find can make us stressed and doing this daily or weekly (depending on what we are looking for) can build up over time and cause negative energy.

A cluttered house can cause a build-up of dust and dirt, some of which may be hazardous to our health, and can also create a fire hazard.

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How to Declutter Your Home

Tidying up regularly can help keep clutter at bay, but if cluttering in your house has become quite bad, we have a few tips to help you try and tackle it:

  • Start with one room or one area at a time… you do not have to do everything all in one day, this could seem like a mammoth task and put you off before you have even started.
  • Create a sorting system, things to keep, things to throw away, things for charity, and things that you may be able to sell.
  • Be realistic, if you have not used or worn something within the last year do you really need to keep it?
  • Create new spaces for things you need to keep, put important documents in box files, and summer or winter clothes in storage out of the way.
  • If there is a lot of clutter to be removed, hire a skip or book a trip to the tip, you will feel so much better when it is all done.
  • Check expiry dates on medicines and make-up if they are out of date throw them away!

Keep On Top Of It!

Once you have decluttered your house, do not let it get that bad again, why not invest in a weekly or monthly professional clean? Here at The Crease Line, we offer regular, or one-off cleans. We are dependable and flexible and can work around what you need. We can offer professional domestic cleaning at an affordable price.

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