Do You Really Need to ‘Hinch’ Your Home?

The latest Instagram craze is to Hinch! To keep your home perfect from top to bottom, Mrs Hinch the internet hit keeps her home clinically clean, there is not a speck of dust to be seen, it is bleached and scrubbed within an inch of its life! Cleaning has become popular!

Mrs Hinch herself seems a lovely down to earth lady, with a beautiful home and family; she has millions of followers all aspiring to get to her level of cleanliness in the home! She spends most of her day cleaning and telling the world about it through Instagram! But is it just another unrealistic pressure that we put on ourselves!


Don’t Over- Do Things!

Most of us work full time and have families to look after. Most days after work the last thing we want to do is to then spend hours cleaning, is it unhealthy to set ourselves these non-viable targets?

If you set the bar too high you can set yourself up for a heavy fall, you feel like a failure, also some people enjoy cleaning but some people don’t! It is okay to admit that you would rather sit down with a cuppa and a good book than spend the time cleaning your home. Alternatively, some people use cleaning as a therapy, some people enjoy putting on the radio and dancing their way around the housework! Everyone is different there is no right or wrong way of doing things…some people who share a home, work full time and have children share the household chores 50/50 while others have just one of them carry out all of the tasks. Whichever works best for you and your family is the best way! And do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

Do not feel bad because you are not Mrs Hinch! There are very few of us that have the perfect, meticulously clean home, most of us have “the chair” in at least one of our rooms where all of our ironing is waiting to be finished or washing is left there until we have the time to put it away!

If you are struggling to fit the cleaning in amongst everything else that you have to contend with in life…work, kids, families, social life and After school activities…let’s face it we all feel we need just a few more hours in the day! Why not give us a call here at The Crease Line. We can help with all your cleaning needs.

We offer a domestic house cleaning service, why not leave it to us to get everything “hinched” while you are at work or doing other day to day things, our professional service offers oven cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, internal window cleaning, floor cleaning, ledge and shelf dusting and so much more…

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