Keeping Your Home Clean & Safe During the Pandemic

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It is more important now more than ever to keep our homes spotless and a clean, safe environment to live in.

With more of us in local lockdowns and restrictions being put in place, we are spending more time at home than ever, so there is no better time than to keep our homes clean and tidy.

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Cleaning is also a great way to take our minds off what is going on around us, it can reduce stress and anxiety, let’s face it we all feel better when our house has been cleaned and out chores are completed.

Our advice is to do it bit by bit and take it one step at a time. Sometimes we don’t know where to start, it can be overwhelming. We suggest making a list, do it room by room and take your time, it doesn’t have to be all finished in one day, you can spread it over the week if that suits you and your schedule better.

Make sure you clean and sanitize the small things that often get forgotten, things like doorknobs, kitchen handles and light switches. It is so important to disinfect the things we use every day to prevent germs from spreading.

The extra time at home would be a good time to declutter those wardrobes, it is a job we all tend to put off doing, but once done it will give you such a sense of achievement. A study revealed on average we only wear 20% of our wardrobe, so be ruthless, only keep the pieces you wear the most and ditch the rest. Do your good deed of the day and send your unwanted clothes to a charity shop or if you want to make a bit extra cash, why not sell them online!

Reduce your indoor pollution, due to fewer people travelling to and from work each day due to the pandemic, there has been a huge drop in air pollution, so make the most of that fresh air, open your windows and air out every room.

Why not treat yourself and your home to some indoor plants, they are great natural air purifiers.

Make sure you change your bed regularly; we recommend at least one a week. Unwashed bed sheets can cause allergies and asthma and dust mites love dirty bed linen, so to keep them at bay, wash your bed linen on a 40-degree was, this should be fine for regular washing. Any hotter could cause damage to the fibres. If possible, hang them out to dry, hopefully, it it is warm enough, the sun will kill any micro-organisms, leaving you with a clean, fresh duvet and pillows to pop back on.

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If you find that working from home, or just generally you are too busy to pay your home the cleaning attention it deserves or needs, why not contact us here at The Crease Line. We promise to leave your home sparkling, fresh and clean. All our cleaners will be wearing the correct PPE whilst cleaning, so you know you are in safe hands!

So, if you want to find out more about Our Services, get in touch today!

The Creaseline, 150 Highfield Road Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 0HT

The Creaseline, 150 Highfield Road
Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 0HT

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