Things to Clean Before Winter Sets In…

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As winter approaches, we will all be spending more time indoors with snug nights at home, so what better time to get things clean and ready for winter! We have put together a few of the things you may be best to clean before winter arrives….

Domestic Cleaning


Now is the ideal time to clean radiators before they are turned on most days and nights. Purchase a radiator cleaner, one that is thin enough to get into all the nooks and crannies and rungs of the radiator.


If you have a real fire at home, get the chimney cleaned before cosy season starts, a professional will be able to clear out soot and any build-ups preventing chimney fires and reducing excess smoke.

Winter Coats

Get your winter coats ready! Check the labels if they are dry clean only-stick to that! If they can go in the washing machine, be sure to follow the labels washing instructions.


Collected debris in gutters can create blockages, so clearing out your gutters before the bad weather arrives is a good idea. Blocked guttering can cause all sorts of problems, including leaks and roof damage.

Garden Furniture

Clean over any outdoor or garden furniture before you store them or cover them for winter.


When you are sitting at home you will appreciate having lovely, clean windows to look out of, just make sure you clean them before the temperature drops too much, if you clean them when it’s too cold you risk the water freezing into icy sheets.


Get the jet washer out and show your slabs some love! It is amazing how much grime and dirt is left on patios; they really can come up like new with a bit of TLC.

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