Why is Domestic Cleaning Important?

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Domestic cleaning is important for many reasons!

Not only does having a clean home help you feel less stressed about mess, but it can have health benefits too! Dusting, hoovering, tidying up, cleaning floors, emptying bins, and changing sheets are all ‘regular’ tasks that fall under the idea of domestic cleaning.

There is however a difference between a regular clean and a deep clean of your home…

Which Type of Cleaning Do You Do?

A regular clean can include the tasks you do each week to take off the top layer of dust or mess on your floors and surfaces. They can help your home look clean and well organised.

The aim of regular cleaning can be to make your home feel comfortable, make you feel better about welcoming people to your home and to make things seem like less work on a regular basis.

In comparison to this, you can do a deep clean of your home. This is often referred to as a ‘spring clean’ when you move everything about, clean every surface thoroughly and change everything you can. These deep cleans are not needed regularly, possibly 2/3 times a year.

The aim of a deep clean is to remove the deeper layers of dirty that are missing on a regular domestic clean. It gives you the opportunity to air out your home and even have a change!

Regular Cleaning Tips

Some tips for regular cleaning include:

  • Be sure to pick everything up off the floor
  • Change the bed sheets & make the beds
  • Dust surfaces in each room
  • Hoover your floors (if carpet) and mop any harder surfaces
  • Disinfect any kitchen surfaces

Deep Cleaning Tips

Alternatively, for those who enjoy a deep clean, get stuck in:

  • Move all furniture about to get underneath
  • Hoover down sofas and chairs
  • Clean door frames and winder blinds (get the duster in all of the creases)
  • Clean all appliances in the kitchen, including the drawers!
  • Clean all surfaces in the bathroom

These tips are not limited, you can clean everything in your home if you wish to for a full domestic clean!

The Crease Line’s Cleaning Services

If you are wanting a domestic clean, or a deep clean, but you don’t enjoy the tasks, why not get in touch with The Crease Line. Our team of professional cleaners are here to give your home a dusting down and help you find some organisation in your home again. We have domestic cleaning services available alongside our bed changing services and more…

Don’t let dust linger… give us a call or fill out our contact form today!

So, if you want to find out more about Our Services, get in touch today!

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The Creaseline, 150 Highfield Road
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